Wednesday, March 14

snail mail

There is nothing that I love more than receiving a letter in the post.
In today's crazy technological society, in a world where communications is done via
phone calls, texts and emails, "snail mail" can often be seen as dead.

But, I think technology hates me...
Skype will not let me have a conversation longer than about 10 mins,
so writing is a perfect way to communicate with those friends of mine that live across the globe!

I love sending cards as well, pretty delicate cards that I pick individually for each person.
Mother's day is coming up and I've found the nicest card to show my Mum
that I'm thinking about her!

What do you think of letters? 
Would you rather send a text?

Sunday, January 22

same old and some words of wisdom

I came back to uni on the 7th of Jan,
but ever since the start of the New Year I have frantically been trying to
complete the numerous amounts of assignments and revise for two exams.
In four days it shall all be over, and I will not be waking up until after midday on Thursday
- this for me is a huge thing; my body does not lie in. But I can already feel this one coming!

I could post a photo of my floor filing system, which you guys have already seen,
or the copious amounts of tea cups that are currently littering my bedroom.
But I won't, as I feel my blog will soon become a collection of photos of paper and cups.
Instead, I shall share with you this photo:

This is a picture I took last week of the sunset by Portsmouth Pier.
Somehow I found to time to take a little walk along the seafront, around four,
just as the sun was starting to set and the air was beginning to crisp up again.
And it calmed me down. I should start doing this more often.

And I recommend it to anyone; 
you might not be lucky enough to have a seafront five mins from your house,
but go somewhere. A forest, a field, a park, anywhere where you can take a few minutes
from these crazy hectic lives that we live and just be.

That is my wisdom for today.
Now excuse me, I am going to hibernate beneath my paper and teacups
and not surface for another four days when this will ALL be over.
See you on the other side!
Sunday, December 25

merry christmas, everyone!

Happy Christmas to everybody!
Hope you all have wonderful days, listen to loads of carols and Christmas tunes,
stuff yourself stupid with silly amounts of gorgeous food,
and get all the presents you were hoping for and more!

And if you're not celebrating, have a wonderful day anyway!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Saturday, December 24

'twas the night before christmas...

..And all through the house,
Mummy and Polly were running around like headless Chickens...!

So it's Christmas Eve today and we've been trying 
to get the last few jobs finished for the big day tomorrow.
I thought I'd treat you all to a Christmas fortnight in pictures!

Ollie's Mum came to pick me up to come home for the holidays,
and decided to treat us all to lunch!
We went to The Wine Vaults in Portsmouth,
and oh my god, the food was AMAZING!
We also had the very pleasant experience of them placing our order twice,
so we had so much more food than we should have done, Score!

2. and 3.
As always, I made my the labels for my Christmas presents.
And, as always, I made them incredibly fiddly!
There were about 6 steps involved in making them,
but they turned out so good so it was all worth it, in my opinion!

As I mentioned before, I went to Germany to visit my Dad!
We did get snow, even if it was just for one day!
We went to a beautiful market in the town of Rottenburg,
and I tried the German equivalent of mulled wine {Gluehwein}.
I didn't like it. Haha!

5. and 6.
Our Christmas Tree!
And copious amounts of tree in festive mugs!
This to me sums up being at home!
And listening to Michael Bublé's Christmas album on repeat!

Ollie and I got to spend the evening together last night,
we watched 'The Holiday' and I drank Malibu and Coke
- one of the beautiful benefits of being at home!
It was nice to have a relaxed evening together!

8. and 9.
Mum and I saw these beauties on the Hairy Bikers Christmas special,
so I decided to make them for tomorrow.
They're essentially nutella wrapped in filo pastry! {Find the recipe here}
Only try if you don't get bored easily and love fiddly things!

This is another one for those who love fiddly! Welcome to the world of cake pops!
Mum is obsessed with them! 
As I'm sure you can see, these are Christmas Trees!
The best website for details on how to make your own is bakerella!
They're so pretty, but don't attempt to make a tonne on Christmas Eve!!

I hope everyone else is feeling suitably Christmas-y
and that you all have a fabulous day tomorrow!
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Monday, December 19

we're all dreaming of a white christmas...!

Well, maybe not a white Christmas day,
but at least the run up to it!
I'm currently sat in Heathrow Airport
waiting for my flight to Frankfurt, Germany!
You see, I'm off to visit my Dad, and this is where he lives now!!

One of the FANTASTIC things about living in the middle of no where,
is that it's a million miles from anything.
Its currently 2.30pm. I set off at 10am this morning and my flight isn't until 4pm this afternoon.
I'm killing time, big time!!

My university bursary cane through a few days ago,
and it's seriously burning a hole in my pocket!
I treated myself to a few goodies from duty free,
a fabulous starbucks lunch
and my favourite perfume ever - Chloé!

I'll let you know when I'm back safe!
Wednesday, December 7

style icon: emma watson

I am in love with Emma Watson and her style, and her everything really. 
In my opinion, that girl can do no wrong!

She's the same age as me, and along with the rest of the world,
I've watched her grow up on screen as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.
And now she's in the big wide world doing new films and appearances.

When she first cut her hair I was a bit shocked, 
but now I absolutely love it - I wish I had the guts to do it.
The elfin, pixie cut really compliments her face and she finds so many different ways to wear it.

Plus, her dresses! 
Gosh, the top picture is from the "Deathly Hallows Part 2" premiere.
I love it. It makes her think of the dress Carrie wears in Sex and the City.
I have serious wardrobe envy!

So. who is your style icon?
What do you think to Emma and her style?

Thursday, December 1

my fortnight in pictures.

Finally getting slightly better at keeping up with my updates...
I haven't got as many pictures as I would have liked
due to the absent camera situation. 
But seen as I've bought myself a new one I should be back on track!!


We ventured out to Pure last Tuesday as for the first time this term,
they were offering free entry - YES!
The theme of the night was a "popcorn party"
where they fired popcorn from the cannons.
Very, very odd! But a different kind of fun!

2. and 3.
I've managed to keep up with looking after my nails,
but the other day I went to use my favourite bright pink nail varnish
and found it had dried solid.
I was devastated, but I painted them pastel pink instead.

Last weekend was spent babysitting my cousins with my Grandma.
Pictured here is little Samantha,
who I've just been asked to be Godmother for, 
so I'm very chuffed right now!

5. and 6.
Urgh. Another wonderful picture of my floor filing system.
And the glass of wine that I just HAD to have
in order to get me through the night in order to finish my assignment!
I got it done in the end, but not until 2am!!

For a friend's birthday we all had to pick a partner and dress the same
because the theme was "Noah's Ark"!!
Abi and I went as Pink Rabbits,
and I'm so proud of our face paint which I did all by myself!

8. and 9.
I'm finally feeling in the Christmas mood!
There was an adorable "Happy Christmas" sticker on my
festive 'Brie, Cranberry and Bacon' baguette (from Greggs of all places!)
And I bought my Christmas Hat for this years Xmas Carnage
and spent the whole of Thursday wearing it keep my head warm, ha!

Last night was the Christmas Carnage.
I don't remember anything from the night...
Wednesday, November 30

okay, so I caved!

Okay, so I caved.
I lived without a camera for a whole 14 days and it nearly killed me.
So today when I checked my bank balance,
and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I wasn't so deep
into my overdraft as I thought - student life, debt is accepted!
I thought I'd splurge (read: do without something essential) and buy a camera.

Isn't she pretty!
She's actually pink and not the red that she looks in the photo
(I had to take this picture with my iPhone, hence the dodgy colouring,
cos you know, I couldn't use the camera to take a picture of the camera...!)
Plus she was half price, which is always a good thing!

Instead of doing my hideous maths-computers coursework
I am instead sat at my desk fiddling with the settings on the camera!

I am so dead impressed!
Plus I bought insurance with it, so if I break her I can replace her!

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